How can it be July already?? Not only July, but the 10th day of JULY!!!  Wow!

I know it has been a long time since I’ve checked in but it seems like I’ve had writers block!!  Or I just don’t have a lot going on!  I don’t know which one, oh wait, maybe I’m just be lazy!!!

IT IS FRIDAY!!!!  and I’ve been waiting ALL week long to be able to say that!!  The days at work seem to last forever but the nights at home just seem to fly by!!!  Any ideas on how to switch that around?  I didn’t think so!!  Ha Ha!

I’m trusting that you all will be have a GREAT weekend, and I’ll do the same!  🙂

I will try and get back here more often and let you all know whats going on here in my neck of the woods!!!  I know that you are just holding your breath and waiting until you hear the next happenings…


It’s a Happy Day!

Just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a Happy Friday!!!  I just LOVE Fridays!!! Don’t you??  LOL!!!

EVERYDAY, is a gift from God but somehow Friday’s are just  DANDY!!!  LOL

Enjoy your day and your weekend!!!

Memorial Day

I know this is the day after Memorial Day but I had to stop by and say Thanks!

Thank you to all of the Soldiers that have given their lives for our Freedom!

Thank you to the Soldiers that are still serving our Country and still risking their lives so that I can go to sleep later in a Free Country!

Thank you also to the Men and Women of God who have given their lives so that others across the world can hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!

Thank You!!  My prayer is that I never take these Freedoms for granted!


that’s what the doctor says I have!  Oh my!  I have never had this before and I hope I never have it again!!!

I use to think strep was just a sore throat!  Now, I know better!  Wednesday morning I just had a tiny sore throat.  By the time I got to work I was achy all over!  Wow!  By the time I got home from church I was running fever and it just got worse from there!!!  UGH!

Well, yesterday, my mother in law called and offered to take me to the doctor because she didn’t want to lose me, I LOVE HER!!!, so I said yes!!  Danielle, had also wanted me to go but I just felt too bad to go by myself.  Thanks, Barb for taking me and for going to get the medicine!!!

Today, I felt better and worse if that makes any sense.  Tomorrow, I hope I’m back to feeling normal!!  Thanks for all the prayers!

We Got The Dress…

Well, Danielle got to come home for a few days before she goes out for the summer and we went shopping for her Wedding Dress!!!

On Monday, we went and she found one that she really liked but I didn’t bring the money with me so we put it on hold and she went home and changed her mind!  LOL!!!  But, then she thought that maybe it WAS the dress for her!  If all else had failed she was praying that it would be there if we had to go back to that store!

So, on Thursday we went back out and she tried on several more dresses drove several more miles because I kept driving in circles!!  Well, that is for another post…lol!!! not really!!! But I do have driving issues… can I say I need a GPS!!!!

Well, we had about 30 minutes or less at the last store we went to and she FOUND it!!!!  I asked her, are you sure you’re going to love this dress in August, September, October, NOVEMBER!!!!  She assures me that she will so that is THE dress we bought!!  It was also a GREAT price!!!!

She also found the SHOES!!! LOL!!!!  She may love those MOST of all!!!  🙂

So, now on to all the other needs of a wedding…

I just realized

that I never stopped by to tell about my Mothers Day.  It really began on Saturday.  We had a nice Mother and Daughter Banquet with the theme of Handful of Weeds.  Danielle and Lindsey sang the song, Handful of Weeds, for the Banquet!!!   I always Love to hear them sing this song!!!  God sure has blessed me with these girls!

When I got home from shopping for our Moms Ed got home and gave me a beautiful Comforter Set  it is so comfy cozy!!!  And it even matches my sheets!! Now to get the walls painted….

The next day, Mother’s Day, Lindsey came to church and brought me  gifts and card from her and Danielle.  I got a shirt, that I’ve been looking at for quite sometime!!! and a Zebra phone cover from them!

We had a GREAT Church Service!!! Bro. Paul preached a GREAT sermon!!!!

Then Ed took us and his Mom out to Rosa’s Cafe for lunch!!!  YUMMO!!!!

What a lovely day!!!  I got to be with both of my MOMS!!! YEAH!  and I’m sure glad that I’m a MOM!!!

Thank you Lord for your BLESSINGS on Me!

Danielle has…

finished another chapter.  This past Thursday she graduated from Oklahoma Baptist College!!  We are SO proud of her.  We are thrilled to see what God has in store for her life!

She came home with us on Thursday night and we just LOVE having her here.  I’m trying to treasure each day I have at home with her because come November she will start another chapter!

But, for now, I will ENJOY our times together as much as possible!!

She leaves next Tuesday to start her summer tour with the Oklahoma Baptist College Melody Singers.  We are praying that she has loads of fun makes lots of memories and is a Blessing and a Witness to those she will comes in contact with this Summer!!