What is it with Wednesday?

Well, even though we just had to review and test again today things were much better than last week at school!!! Things moved along nicely. Well, then I went home and cooked our Tostadas, since of course today is “Tostada Wednesday”, maybe silly but we’ve been enjoying it for years!!! We don’t ALWAYS have tostadas but MOST of the time we do!!! My husband gets sad if we don’t, so I try to keep it running!!!

Well, then I went to take a nap, yes, a nap!!! And then the day care called me in early!!! One of the ladies has a very sick husband so I was glad to go in and take her place, but another lady who could close for me was out with her daughter who is suppose to have a baby today. So, I knew I was in for a day!!! Boy, can little kids wear you out!!! I read the other day that working with kids helps keep you young. Well, I believe these kids are aging me fast!!!!!

I didn’t get to leave as early I normally do when I close because when I sent the dishes in the girls didn’t tell the other lady they were in there!! So, I had to wait for the dishes, I finally gave up and just rinsed them and dried them myself. Well, then I rush out the door and find out that I need to pick up 6 kids for church and I still need gas, and I’m still in Grandview and it is 6:30! I only have an hour to be to church on time!! I called my aunt to see if perhaps she could go and pick up the kids, and she wasn’t even close to being ready either. So, off I go!!! I race home, not really, I really tried to keep it to the speed limit, don’t want another ticket!! I make it home change really quick, brush my teeth, let the dog out and back in and then I hit the road! Well, guess what? I beat my aunt to church!!!

The devil sure knows how to discourage me, all the while that I’m rushing to and fro I’m thinking why doesn’t someone else do this. But, now that I can sit back and rest and think about it I know that those are “my” kids and that God uses me to reach them and that I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me! So, I’ll just keep on keeping on For the Lord, and be glad that He doesn’t give me more than He knows  I can take!!!

Well, that’s all for now…..


A quick weekend

Yesterday we went to see the girls!  It was a very fast trip but it was good to see the girls!  I know that this is their second year in Bible School and that their being away from home should be getting easier, but it has been a bit hard lately!  Some days it doesn’t seem to bother me at all and then there are the others!!!  I’m so happy for them and they are growing so much I am looking forward to see what God has for them.  So, now I just tell young mothers not to take one day for granted, time goes by so fast!!!  It’s really as if I blinked twice and now they are grown.

God is good!!! And His Mercy Endureth Forever!!!  Because of that I know that I will be okay, and just think one day if the Lord is willing I will have sons in laws and GRAND kids!!!   But, I’m happily waiting for those days and not in a rush to get them!!!

Well, I guess that is all for today.

Moving right along

Today didn’t have the problem that yesterday had!! It moved right along. I look back and say where did it go? It always happens that way, at least it seems that way to me. I did receive a blessing today. My mother in love(law) left a voice mail and said she had home made pot pie at her house!!! So, as soon as i left work I headed straight there!!! It is nice sometimes not to have to go home and try to think of something to eat and fix for one! Well, the pot pie was good and so were the freetos and hot sauce and ice cream bar!!! I’ve had a real craving for JUNK food these past 2 days!! The bad part about that is that I have let myself eat way more of it than I should!!! I’m hoping that I’ll come out of it soon!!!!

Is it still Wednesday???

This has been one of those days that seems to have just lasted forever! It started this morning in our first grade class. All we had to do today was to review three letters and then take a test. Well, we were through with that before 9:30am. So, then we had to find things to do until break time which is 10:00am. Man alive that was the longest 30 minutes EVER!!

My nap, yes, I said nap!! Today, I actually took a nap!!! It even seemed to last a long time. That was NOT a bad thing!!!

Then off to work!!! Today I only had to work for 2 and a half hours but how in the world did those 2 and a half hours last SO LONG??

Oh well, by Friday or Saturday I will look back and say where did the week go!!!

Time does seem to be flying by, but today just almost seemed to stand still!! That’s okay though, I’ll take the good and the bad, just so I’ll be able to appreciate the good so much more!

Hello world!

This is my first post! I’ve been thinking about having a blog for quite some time now. One thing that prevented me from getting one sooner was that I couldn’t come up with a name. Well, one finally came to me. The next step was just to figure it out…. I’m still working on that!!

I chose the name for the blog because I figured that would be just what I was doing, Taking Notes, on my life…..