Moving right along

Today didn’t have the problem that yesterday had!! It moved right along. I look back and say where did it go? It always happens that way, at least it seems that way to me. I did receive a blessing today. My mother in love(law) left a voice mail and said she had home made pot pie at her house!!! So, as soon as i left work I headed straight there!!! It is nice sometimes not to have to go home and try to think of something to eat and fix for one! Well, the pot pie was good and so were the freetos and hot sauce and ice cream bar!!! I’ve had a real craving for JUNK food these past 2 days!! The bad part about that is that I have let myself eat way more of it than I should!!! I’m hoping that I’ll come out of it soon!!!!

One Response to “Moving right along”

  1. shelly Says:

    when did she make homemade pot pie?
    you get better food than me!

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