What a day!

Well, it’s been one of those days!  You know the kind where things just get on your nerves!!!  Ok, so today, it was just kids that got on my nerves!  I know that this is something that I really need to work on.  I must remember that I can make a difference in the lives of these children and I really want it to be a good difference.


Slowing down…

Wow, after last week I just don’t know what to do with all this time on my hands.  I know I should stay busy!!!  But, I’m enjoying just staying still at least for today.  Last night I even went to bed early!!!  I’m sure that tomorrow I’ll be busy again!!!  Until then…….

Hello Again!

Well, I don’t know what happened but I just wrote a long post and then thought I saved and published it but somehow I lost it.  So, I’ll not take the time to go through it all again!  I just wanted to say that I had a GREAT week, busy, but GREAT!!! 

I was able to spend time with Ed, the girls and time in some very good Church Services!!

Thank you, God for your Blessings in my life!!!


Well, Bleu is really making herself at home in the back yard.  If she can get to it she will tear it up!!!  If it can be dug she will DIG!!!!  We gave her a big rawhide bone last week, it was a funny sight to see her running around the yard with it.  She was running back and forth across the yard with it and just showing off for us.  I like to let her out in the front yard she just has a big time with that.  She is 100% PUPPY!! 

Lindsey thinks we’re pathetic about her!  She just couldn’t believe her dad had the dog as the wall paper on his computer screen at work!!!  Oh, well I’m sure that the new will wear off sooner or later.  Until then I’ll try to overlook the holes shes digging!!!! ha ha!!!

Laundry, laundry, laundry

Well, Lindsey has been home for 24 hrs. and her laundry is almost done!!!  She so sweetly thought that I would do it for her…. so, I so sweetly am!!  I didn’t start it until this afternoon, so I guess I’m doing ok!  I’m sure that I’m only willing because she is not here everyday!! 

Lindsey’s HOME!!

Well, we did it!  We got Lindsey home without her Daddy knowing it.  After going to my mothers and suprising her and eating her great stew, we went to see him at work.  I said I brought you something, so we went to his office, and he started looking for what I brought.  Someone had left a box on his desk and he looked in that.  He said what did you bring, and about that time he looked up and saw Lindsey!!!!  I think he was speechless for a minute!!!  Yes!  That’s saying a lot!!!  ha ha!  He was SO happy to see her!!  He took her around and let everyone know that was his girl!!!  What a special treat to give him tonight!!!

Tomorrow we will continue with the suprises!!!!  What fun!!!

It’s good to have her HOME for a couple of days!!!!! and YES!! she brought LAUNDRY!!!!


Today was pretty uneventful for me and believe me I’m NOT complaining! Although for some it was quite eventful.  We had 4 students that were out with sickness, I hope they get better soon.  I sure hope that the sickness doesn’t make the rounds.  We also had students that got to visit the principal!!  Uh-oh!  Hopefully they got it all worked out.

 At work things were back to “normal”, or as normal as things can be at a day care.  I work at the front desk and greet the parents so I really enjoy that.  The past few weeks I’ve been out with the kids so, today, I got to go back to the desk!!!  Yeah!!!

Well, I guess that is all, have a great night!