A new pet!

Well, we did it!  We got an outside dog!  We thought it was a good idea to have a dog in the back yard so now we have one.  She is a sweet dog and she has really BIG ears!  She is a Blue Heeler mix.  She looks like a hyena to me.  Her name is Blue, and Lindsey still thinks we should change it.  But, she comes running when she hears her names, so, I think we will keep it.  Maybe, we should spell it Bleu, that would be different, right?

My husband likes her, he even went and bought her canned dog food, I sure hope Dutches, the inside dog doesn’t see it!!! She’ll wonder where hers is!

Now, if the cats will just go back to the back porch and leave the front porch I will be happy!  After all they’re tougher than she is….for now!

Oh well, we’ll see!


One Response to “A new pet!”

  1. tonjab Says:

    We took the dog to the vet today and he thinks she looks more like a Catahoula than a blue heeler. I guess that is ok. She seems like a good dog, although I found a hole out in the yard today!!!

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