Sunday is always busy, busy, busy!  The van route has been down these past couple of weeks.  But even so it seems to keep us busy on Sunday.  Those kids have WAY more energy than I do!  I didn’t think that would EVER be possible but I guess it has come to pass.  I pick up several girls on Sunday night, and lately they just seem to want to play during church, or maybe it has just started to occur to me more.  I don’t know.  I just want them to learn to do right.  Sometimes I think that I’ll only pick them up when there is a kids class, but then again how will they learn to sit through church if I do that?  Just pray for the girls and for me, please!

Also, I know yesterday I said that I would learn to like some football, but then comes Sunday!!!  We have been watching football ALL day long!!  Help me!  But you know what?  If I watch it, I start to enjoy it!! Ha ha!!  Wow!  I’ve come along way!!  But really, enough is enough, right???

Oh well, tomorrow is Columbus Day and yet we still have to go to school!!  But the day care kids don’t!!!!  I’m sure that they will be bouncing off the walls by the time I get to them!!!  We’ll see!!! 


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