A set up?

Today, my sister in law, Shelly, set up our little 6 yr. old neice, Juliana!!  I know it sounds awful but I’m sure it wasn’t that bad!  Juliana told Shelly that she was bored!  Shelly said something like, how are you doing I’m Shelly!  That went no where with Juliana, she just answered… good! 

So, she sent Juliana over to me!!  She KNEW what Juliana was going to get from me!!!  So, I was talking to a student and Shelly said Juliana has something to tell you!!  (poor girl didn’t know what was coming her way!)  I said, “what do you need”  she said, “I’m bored”  I told her we don’t then I couldn’t even get out the words!!  I took her to our classroom and wrote the word BORED on the dry erase board, and then I crossed it out and told her that is what she needed to do with that word, just CROSS it out of her vocabulary!!!  Then I made her write the word and CROSS it out herself.  Yes, I was having fun! I just don’t like it when kids say that they are BORED!!  There is ALWAYS something to do, you just have to look for it!!

Juliana is NOT the first child to get my BORED speech, and I’m sure she will not be the last!!!!

I’m not sure that Juliana will give up that word, but I hope she at least thinks about it before she uses it around us!  Oh yeah, I found something for her to do!!

Oh, Shelly you’re just too much fun!!

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One Response to “A set up?”

  1. shelly Says:

    i had fun, too!

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