One more day…..

of the year 2006.  It seems as if just yesterday that we were anticipating Y2K, and now we’re about to enter 2007!!  It hardly seems possible.

It has been a nice year.  This year we celebrated our 20th anniversary, Danielle turned 20 and Lindsey turned 19!!  Boy, time flies!

The girls are both Sophomores at OBC and they both passed all of the classes this past semester.

My Mom has had a good year, she has had several good doctor reports and it is good to see her still trying to get around and do her best.  She even cooked Thanksgivng and Christmas dinners.  What a blessing!!

My inlaws have had some trying health issues but it is Good to see God answer prayers on their behalf.

Ed was given a promotion at work and he seems to like it.  His days at work seem better for him, but he still needs to take better care of himself.

God has been so good to us, I can’t even pretend to remember all of what He has done for us.   But, I’d like to thank Him for all that He did!!!


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