Today, we had a surprise birthday party for my Aunt Sue.  My Uncle worked so hard on it.
He called all of her family and friends.  He had a few of us working on the food and decorations.  It was just so sweet that he wanted to do this for her!

She had over 40 people there to celebrate with her!  It was exciting to me, so I can imagine just how excited she was.  Her best friend from school along with her husband were there.  Two of her Aunts with their husbands were there two of her cousins were there.  Two of her brother in laws with their wives were there and many other family members and friends were there.  It was just great!!!

She had thought something was up.  She thought that there was a party or something going on, but she had no idea who would be there.  That was the GREAT part, when she saw who was there!!

Well, its been a great day!  I’m glad that I got to be part of it!


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