Spring Break!

has finally arrived for our school!  Hip Hip Hooray!  We all seem to be have Spring Fever! At least I do,  after all it’s been about 3 months since we’ve had a break!  So, we are really ready for this!  When we go back to school we will only have 6 weeks of school left!  It really is hard to believe that another school year is coming to an end.

Later, I will think of all that needs to be done!  For now, I’ll just enjoy the thought of no school for a week!


It’s a beautiful day!

Today, has been a very nice day.  Ed and I went and got our hair cut together, which I thought was a little funny for some reason!  His cut took much less time than mine did!  Ha ha!

Then we went to a surprise birthday party for his twin step brothers!  I think only one of them were surprised!  They seemed to have several of their friends and family there and that was very nice!  The food was very good and it was nice to see family together.

Now, I’m sitting on the front porch, boy this is nice, and Ed is mowing.  The weeds, I mean grass has really been growing around here.  I pulled a few weeds in the flower bed but that is all I have done.  I’m just enjoying the cool breeze and my “new” front porch glider, Thanks Mom!  She just gave it to me the other day!  For once there were no cats on it so me and the “puppy” are enjoying it!

I really ENJOY Saturdays!

They’re on their way…

back to Oklahoma!  Actually, Danielle and Lindsey have been in Oklahoma for awhile.  They’re probably at their destination by now, and if not they will be soon.  I’m waiting for the phone to ring any minute.

Today, Lindsey had Danielle drive to church to “see if she could do it.”  Danielle wasn’t very happy when she got there.  She even said she wasn’t going to do it again!  Oh, by the way, the phone just rang, they are there!  Anyway, after church we are leaving the parking lot and we look ahead of us and there are the girls in the car ahead of us and guess who is driving?  You got it, Danielle is driving again!  You see, Lindsey’s car is a standard and Danielle is not yet comfortable driving it.

So, when they leave to go back to school Lindsey is driving and not long after I began to think will she actually let Danielle drive?  Then the phone rings and Lindsey is laughing and Danielle is driving!  Not long after that Danielle calls again and says “I AM NOT DRIVING A STANDARD AGAIN!!!”  “At least not until I’m a pro!”  Ha ha ha!  Well, I’m proud of her for trying!  I’m thankful that the Lord took them there safely!

Thanks for reading again…..

Time is flying…

so quickly.  Tomorrow, is Wednesday,  and the girls only have a few days left to be at home.   Yesterday, I had the day off so  I was able to be  with them .  It just seems that there is not enough time in the day to get everything done or to spend enough time together.

Yesterday, Danielle and I spent a couple of hours at the doctors office and the next two days will be doctor appointments and dentist appointments!  I just know that the girls enjoy coming home for those!   Oh well, I guess these things need to be done!

Tomorrow, Lindsey agreed to work at the school for me while I go to the Orthodontist with Danielle!  Thanks, Lindsey!

I guess that’s it for now…….

Daylight Savings

Well, I asked someone if they were ready for the time change. They said, “does it matter?” And it doesn’t, it will be here tomorrow, ready or not. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been noticing that it was staying light longer and I’ve been excited about Spring!

When the girls were little and the time changed in the Fall, I could tell them, ok, it’s dark it’s bedtime! No, arguments! They thought it was bedtime because it was dark! Oh, the Joy! Then they grew and became much wiser!!! Ha ha ha! Well, really I don’t think I did it very often! When I told them about it later they thought that was bad!  So, now when Fall comes around and time changes I call them up and tell them to go to bed because it’s dark and it’s bedtime!  And, we just laugh about it.   Thank you, God for sweet memories!

So, we’re going to Spring forward tomorrow. I’m glad that our God doesn’t need a time change! His Time is always good and it’s ALWAYS right on time!

They Made It!

The girls made it home!  Yeah!  God is good!  He kept me so busy today that I didn’t even have time to worry!  Thank you, God!

A New Theme

Well, I decided to change the them of the page. This theme is almost Spring and since it is almost Spring I decided to go with it. That and I like it, and it was the first one I saw! Ha ha!

I really enjoy spring, except for the allergies that I get with it. It is a beautiful time of the year, and I enjoy seeing everything coming back into Bloom! The blossoms on the trees and the new flowers shooting up out of the ground, the green grass and the birds! The warmer (except here in Texas where it’s already been in the 80’s and the fans and A/C’s are already coming on) weather.

It is Awesome to know that God does this every year just for us! So many things He does just for us and so often we are only looking at the things we think He should be doing for us.  I hope if I’m guilty of that today that He will forgive me!