A New Theme

Well, I decided to change the them of the page. This theme is almost Spring and since it is almost Spring I decided to go with it. That and I like it, and it was the first one I saw! Ha ha!

I really enjoy spring, except for the allergies that I get with it. It is a beautiful time of the year, and I enjoy seeing everything coming back into Bloom! The blossoms on the trees and the new flowers shooting up out of the ground, the green grass and the birds! The warmer (except here in Texas where it’s already been in the 80’s and the fans and A/C’s are already coming on) weather.

It is Awesome to know that God does this every year just for us! So many things He does just for us and so often we are only looking at the things we think He should be doing for us.  I hope if I’m guilty of that today that He will forgive me!


Day Care!

Why do I work at a Day Care?  Oh, yeah!  The hours are perfect!  If I were to have a job in the morning then I couldn’t be at school or would I ever be able to see Ed.  If I were to have an evening job I would not get to go and visit my family.  So, the day care hours are just right, I can do it all!  That is, all except stay SANE!   Some days are just Great!  and then there are the others!  Some of the kids are just GREAT and then there are the others!!!

Well, I’m just thankful that I didn’t have to use Day Care, and I pray that my daughters will never choose to use them either!

Enough of that!  I’m home now and all is peaceful!