Daylight Savings

Well, I asked someone if they were ready for the time change. They said, “does it matter?” And it doesn’t, it will be here tomorrow, ready or not. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been noticing that it was staying light longer and I’ve been excited about Spring!

When the girls were little and the time changed in the Fall, I could tell them, ok, it’s dark it’s bedtime! No, arguments! They thought it was bedtime because it was dark! Oh, the Joy! Then they grew and became much wiser!!! Ha ha ha! Well, really I don’t think I did it very often! When I told them about it later they thought that was bad!  So, now when Fall comes around and time changes I call them up and tell them to go to bed because it’s dark and it’s bedtime!  And, we just laugh about it.   Thank you, God for sweet memories!

So, we’re going to Spring forward tomorrow. I’m glad that our God doesn’t need a time change! His Time is always good and it’s ALWAYS right on time!


One Response to “Daylight Savings”

  1. sasha Says:

    apparently, godaddy and arizona don’t care either.

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