They’re on their way…

back to Oklahoma!  Actually, Danielle and Lindsey have been in Oklahoma for awhile.  They’re probably at their destination by now, and if not they will be soon.  I’m waiting for the phone to ring any minute.

Today, Lindsey had Danielle drive to church to “see if she could do it.”  Danielle wasn’t very happy when she got there.  She even said she wasn’t going to do it again!  Oh, by the way, the phone just rang, they are there!  Anyway, after church we are leaving the parking lot and we look ahead of us and there are the girls in the car ahead of us and guess who is driving?  You got it, Danielle is driving again!  You see, Lindsey’s car is a standard and Danielle is not yet comfortable driving it.

So, when they leave to go back to school Lindsey is driving and not long after I began to think will she actually let Danielle drive?  Then the phone rings and Lindsey is laughing and Danielle is driving!  Not long after that Danielle calls again and says “I AM NOT DRIVING A STANDARD AGAIN!!!”  “At least not until I’m a pro!”  Ha ha ha!  Well, I’m proud of her for trying!  I’m thankful that the Lord took them there safely!

Thanks for reading again…..


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