Tonight, while keeping nursery at church we went to the gym to play ball.  I only had one child and he wanted to play ball so off we went.  I realized once again just how bad I am at shooting a basketball.  I shot and shot and shot the ball and missed and missed and missed!  My best shots were from the free throw line and granny shots!  Oh, my!  Oh well, Jacob had fun!

Until next time…..


Please pray

Yesterday, at work I was told that one of the little girls had been kicked by a horse over the weekend but I never heard the entire story. Today, I was told that she was still in the hospital and it sounded like it was pretty bad. I was told that when she gets to go home she will have to stay in bed for I think 2 weeks! She is actually one of the children that drives me the craziest!!!! But, at the end of the day before she leaves she turns around and runs to give me a hug and tell me goodbye and that usually makes things all better!!!!

Her name is Victoria. Please pray for her if you would. Thanks in advance!


I’m so Thankful for Grace!  God’s GRACE!

What comes around goes around

The other day Lindsey told me that her roommate locked her keys in her car.  While telling me this Lindsey was laughing a bit!!!!  I told her that she shouldn’t laugh because it could happen to her….  Today, I got a phone call, it was Lindsey!  Can you guess what she said?  Yep, she said, “YOU WERE RIGHT!”  What now I thought!  She told me that she just locked her keys in her car!!!!!  Oh my goodness!  I didn’t think it would happen so fast!!  I asked her who is going to go back to the dorm to get the other key?  She said, I doubt anyone will do that because we’re all the way on the SW side of town.

Well, one of the guys on her bus route to them back to get the key!  Thanks, Sasha!

Sure am glad that I left her my set of keys!

A new Theme…again

I chose green because EVERYTHING is Green around here!  We’ve had quite a bit of rain lately, thank you Lord, so everything is Green and GROWING!!!!  Our yard is Beautiful!   The iris’s have been blooming and are so pretty!  Now, I just need to get some more flowers in the flower beds!  Oh, me!  I don’t seem to have the drive to do this.  I’ve been trying to make a deal with my Aunt but so far she hasn’t taken it.

Maybe, I’ll soon get into the gardening spirit.  I sure hope that I do!!!!  We’ll see….

A quick trip…

We were suppose to get to see the girls on Friday in Texas but the service was canceled due to the weather. So, we woke up early and went to Oklahoma to spend the day with them. I’m thankful that we don’t live too far away and that we can get there and back in one day fairly easy.

I guess, some think we’re crazy to go and see them so often but I just look at it like this, we may as well do it now because one day many more miles may separate us and then we won’t be able to see them as often.

We didn’t have anything planned to do so we just enjoyed the time with the girls and went Shopping!!!

Lindsey had to work a few hours so we took Danielle to Walmart and also went by to see Sarah at work. She was surprised to see us and we got there just in time to spend her lunch break with her. What a treat for us!

We then dropped Danielle off at the church and picked up Lindsey and took her to Walmart! Great fun! Walmart twice in one day! Well, we did go to 2 different Walmart stores!

We then were able to take an early look at the decorations for the North vs. South in the Chapel. The South side was really coming along nicely!

Then it was time to go back home! We left earlier than what I thought we would but about 20 minutes later than what Ed thought we would. I guess our times met right about in the middle! We work good together!

I sure enjoyed our day!! Thanks, Ed for taking me!!!

Air Hockey!

I like to play air hockey!  For a long time I’ve been asking Ed to go play air hockey with me.  We just never got around to it.  So, last week he asked if I wanted to go play!  I was excited!  Well, we went and played 4 games!  He won 2 and I won 2!  Tied!  But, that night I had the best victory, with a game where the score was, I think 7-1!  Tonight, we went again.  The first table we tried didn’t work so we got an extra game, which was nice until…  he won 2 and I won 2 and there was an extra game that would break the tie!  I was so close!!!!!  But, he won!  His ego is in tact!  and tonight he had the best Victory and he beat me, 7-1!

Until we meet again……….