to us! Today, is our 21st anniversary! Wow! Where has the time gone? Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! It sure is nice to be married to my best friend! God sure is good to us!


My niece…

is having another baby!  This time it is a girl!  Yesterday, we went to her baby shower and wow! it looked as though she was ready to have it that day!  I remember when she was born.  I was so excited to finally be getting a niece!  I already had 2 nephews so that was EXTRA SPECIAL!  Now, 21 years later I get a GREAT Niece!

 Peyton Nicole I’m looking forward to meeting you next month! 


HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Sure glad that I was able to see all of the favorite Dad’s in my life today!!  First off, My husband!!  Then off to church to see my Uncle!  Then out to see my Father in law for lunch, he’s having surgery tomorrow, please pray for him.  Then back to church to see my Step Dad!  Good to see them all!  Hope that they each had a GREAT DAY!


Today, I got to visit with my sisters family.  We live about 15-20 minutes apart and I can’t tell you the last time I saw her.  Sad, I know.  Well, it was great to see her and I really enjoyed the visit.  Her oldest son, Sammy, graduated from high school last week!  So, she had a little get together for him.  It was good to see them all, and I hope that we can see each other more often!

We Made It!

This is a few days late but…. we made it home safely from our trip!  We enjoyed the time away and just enjoyed being with our family.

Now, back to work!  After a week away you almost just don’t want to go back!


Well, we’ve been on vacation since Tuesday. I thought it was since Monday, but Ed informed me that that was Holiday and the next day would start the Vacation! So, we left Tuesday and went to Hot Springs, Arkansas and spent the night there and then walked around town the next day. It rained and rained so we left Hot Springs and went to Heber Springs to visit friends!!! Yeah!! It was so good to see Laura and John! Thursday we spent the day with Laura seeing the sights of Heber Springs. We left around 4:00pm and drove on to Illinois. Tomorrow, we will attend a wedding and then head home! It will be a quick drive home since the girls have to be back in OKC Sunday night! Until then….