I woke up this morning, or should I say in the middle of the night? Well, either way it was either very early or very late when I woke up. Ed was in the shower, he works late, and so I went into the kitchen and on the counter sat Flowers!!! They are red carnations, and there are a bunch of them! They are really pretty! I walked back to the bathroom and he said, you weren’t suppose to see them until morning, I said that’s ok, it is morning!! ha ha! He left a little note with them and it said, To: Tanya Yip! They are Red!!! You know what that means! I LOVE YA! When he has given me things in the past and they were red, he would tell me that’s the color of LOVE! so it’s our little joke! Isn’t that just the sweetest thing? Yep, I’m married to a keeper!!! He even did the dishes yesterday!! WOW! What a nice day I had yesterday!!!

Enjoy today!



What a day! Peyton Nicole was born today! She is a big girl, 8lbs. and 8oz. and just a bit over 19 inches I think! She is a cutie! She has lots of hair and a cute little round face. Her Mom looked real good and real tired.

Not only was Peyton born today, Bryson Walker was also born in Arkansas today. His Mommy is one of my dear friends and he is her first baby! He’s a big one too, and he also has LOTS of hair. He weighs 7lbs. and 14 oz. and is 19 inches long! WOW! His mom said he already needs a haircut! Ha ha! Of course I can’t go see them just yet, but thanks to the internet I have seen a picture! Thanks, y’all for sending it!

Well, ladies Congratulations and ENJOY each and every day with those little ones!

A Surprise for ME!

Wow!  What a blessing I received this weekend!  Friday night Ed told me that I should get ready to go to OKC the next day.  I said what for?  He said, the girls just want us to come up…..  oh my did things start running through my mind!  ha ha ha!!!

Well, he let me know that they had a surprise for me and that is why we were going.

As always I was just fine with going to OKC to see the girls!  So, off we went.  We arrived in the city just in time to see the WHBS senior play practice.  It was very good!

Sunday night was when I was to get my surprise!  I walked into church and Danielle handed me a CD.  It was a CD that she and her sister and 2 of their friends made!!!  WOW!  I was really happy!  I had been wanting them to do this for awhile, and now it was in my hands!  Thanks, girls!  Danielle then told me that they had one more surprise for me.  I said, can I handle another one, and she just shrugged her shoulders!  They sang before the service!  It was so beautiful!  They did a GREAT job!  When my sister in law talked to me about “my surprise” she said you’re going to be proud of them!   Well, she was right and I am proud!  I can tell they worked hard!  The hardest part could have been keeping it a secret. ha ha!

Oh, and today I found out that Lindsey took the photo for the cover!  What a GREAT job she did!

Thanks again girls!  You did a GREAT job! Remember to “Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart!”

Happy Indpendence Day!

What a blessing it is to wake up as an American! How often do I take that privilege for granted?

We’ve had a very nice day. We went to church and had a picnic. It wasn’t a big crowd, but it was nice to be with friends and family. A few of our bus riders were even there! Right after the picnic we had our church service. Several shared their testimonies of why they are happy to be an American! I’m sure glad that we can meet together and share the goodness of God!

Later in the evening we went to Eds brothers house and watched Josh shoot fireworks!  Ok, so Ed and Robert also shot some,  but it looked like Josh was having the best time doing it!

Then, Josh came home with us!  Wow!  This is a first! He’s here and the girls are not! We are enjoying him being here! He’s keeping his Uncle Ed quite busy right now with his PS2! Ed is having to relearn the video game! Ha ha!

Well, it sure is GOOD to be an American and it sure is GREAT to be a Christian American!