I woke up this morning, or should I say in the middle of the night? Well, either way it was either very early or very late when I woke up. Ed was in the shower, he works late, and so I went into the kitchen and on the counter sat Flowers!!! They are red carnations, and there are a bunch of them! They are really pretty! I walked back to the bathroom and he said, you weren’t suppose to see them until morning, I said that’s ok, it is morning!! ha ha! He left a little note with them and it said, To: Tanya Yip! They are Red!!! You know what that means! I LOVE YA! When he has given me things in the past and they were red, he would tell me that’s the color of LOVE! so it’s our little joke! Isn’t that just the sweetest thing? Yep, I’m married to a keeper!!! He even did the dishes yesterday!! WOW! What a nice day I had yesterday!!!

Enjoy today!


2 Responses to “Flowers!”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Wow! What a sweet and thoughtful hubby Ed is. You should have taken a photo of the flowers Tonja and posted it here. George cooked today, lunch and supper. I let him do the cooking on weekends. It’s a blessing to have a loving and thoughtful husband.

  2. tonjab Says:


    Thanks for leaving a comment. I didn’t think anyone really read anything here. Of course maybe I should let others know about it. Ha ha! And of course I should post more often!
    I’m glad that George is able to cook for you! And I’m glad that you are able to eat it! :o)
    It is a blessing to have a loving and thoughtful husband!
    Take care!

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