is coming to an end!  It seems as if it just flew right by me!  Well, not all of it just mostly the month of August!!  It seems as though it just started and now here we are at the very end of it!

On Monday at work it was very exciting to see all of the kids in their new classes, a little sad though, because some of the “babies” were moved up to the little toddler class and those were moved to the “big” toddler class, boy! do they grow up fast!!!

The first day of school brought excited chatter from all of the kids about who their teacher is and who is in their class!  It was fun to listen to.

Our school doesn’t start until the day after Labor Day.  Yep!  We do it the old school way!  It is good like that!  Or at least we think so!  We are going to have several new students which will make it interesting!  Ha ha!  Still, I think we will only have around 18 students.  I’m not sure if I will have a reading class we are going to have to figure it out with one little girl, so I may have 1!  That is always fun!

Well, I’m off to enjoy my last few days of Summer vacation!!!!!


A good day!

Well, my birthday has now passed. I had a very nice day. I received many phone calls! I told one of them that I wish every day was my birthday so I could always get so many calls! I got a couple of birthday cards, a basket full of candy bars, 2 balloons, some personal items, some flowers and even some money! My girls went out and got me a gift and I will get it later on in the week! They told me all about it so now all I have to do is wait…the hard part!!

When I went to work I was in the toddler room and they sweetly sang to me happy birthday! How sweet was that??

I would just like to thank the Lord for His blessings in my life and for giving me another year to enjoy His Goodness! I hope this year that I can be what He wants me to be!

Happy Birthday…

to me!  Wow!  It’s my 39th birthday!  How did that happen and where have the years gone?!?

Tonight, at church, a man said to me, so it’s your birthday tomorrow?  I said, yes!  He said how old you gonna be?  I told him that I would be 39 and he laughed and said, come on, Tonja.  I couldn’t believe it!  I said, do you think that is too young or too old?  He said, too young!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn’t believe it!!  I still want to hit him!  Ha ha!!!!  Oh well, I hope that it’s not because I look older, I hope it’s just because my kids are so old and I should be much older to have kids that age. Ha ha ha!!!!

Well, I’m just happy for the day!  Enjoy it!  I’m sure I will!

What a trip!

We left out for Oklahoma City on Thursday afternoon.  Once we were there I called Lindsey and said where are you?  She said, I’m at the dorm.  I asked her where is the car?  She told me that it was also there.  I said, good, we need to get it.  She said, something like, why? where are you.  I said we’re here.  She said here?  I said, yeah, we’re just checking into the motel.  Well, I got quite the scream in my ear!  I think she was excited to know we were there.  We, didn’t let her know we were coming.

Then, Danielle returned my call.  She said, did you need something, Momma?  I said, yes, we needed to know where the car is so we can take it to the shop.  She said, how, I said, we’re here.  Then it was her turn to be surprised.  I said, I told you we might come up.  She remembered, but since I wasn’t for sure, she wasn’t expecting us.  So, it was a nice surprise.

After an evening of searching for a place to get the struts put on Danielle’s car we found the place but could not get it in until the next day.  Well, we got it there and they fixed it and it seems to be working much better according to the girls.

We then left OKC and headed over to Heber Springs, Arkansas.  That is a nice drive.  Especially when I’m the one who just gets to enjoy the ride!  We made it to John and Laura’s house just in time for supper!  Yummy!  I got to meet their new baby boy, Bryson!  He is such a sweet baby!  He was very good while we were there.  After supper they took us on a little tour of their town and took us to the most wonderful place to view the sunset.  I surely wish I would have had the camera.  It was an Amazing view!  We then enjoyed some very tasty ice cream!  We left last night around 6:00pm and then had a nice safe ride home!  Thank you, God for your goodness!

We sure enjoyed our trip!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

The Lord is Good!

O GIVE thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. Ps. 136:1

Last night the girls left to go back to OKC and almost 2 hours later I got a phone call from Lindsey. She was crying so hard that it was difficult to understand her. She told me that they had been traveling about 70mph and Danielle lost control of the car and they went off into the median.  Of course that’s the short version of the story.

We drove up there so that Ed could check out the car and I think I just needed to see them and make sure that they were ok.

Everything seemed to be ok. The girls were shaken up and the car had grass stuck in one of the wheels but that was about it.

God sure is good to us!

His mercy endureth for ever!!!