Happy Birthday…

to me!  Wow!  It’s my 39th birthday!  How did that happen and where have the years gone?!?

Tonight, at church, a man said to me, so it’s your birthday tomorrow?  I said, yes!  He said how old you gonna be?  I told him that I would be 39 and he laughed and said, come on, Tonja.  I couldn’t believe it!  I said, do you think that is too young or too old?  He said, too young!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn’t believe it!!  I still want to hit him!  Ha ha!!!!  Oh well, I hope that it’s not because I look older, I hope it’s just because my kids are so old and I should be much older to have kids that age. Ha ha ha!!!!

Well, I’m just happy for the day!  Enjoy it!  I’m sure I will!


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