is coming to an end!  It seems as if it just flew right by me!  Well, not all of it just mostly the month of August!!  It seems as though it just started and now here we are at the very end of it!

On Monday at work it was very exciting to see all of the kids in their new classes, a little sad though, because some of the “babies” were moved up to the little toddler class and those were moved to the “big” toddler class, boy! do they grow up fast!!!

The first day of school brought excited chatter from all of the kids about who their teacher is and who is in their class!  It was fun to listen to.

Our school doesn’t start until the day after Labor Day.  Yep!  We do it the old school way!  It is good like that!  Or at least we think so!  We are going to have several new students which will make it interesting!  Ha ha!  Still, I think we will only have around 18 students.  I’m not sure if I will have a reading class we are going to have to figure it out with one little girl, so I may have 1!  That is always fun!

Well, I’m off to enjoy my last few days of Summer vacation!!!!!


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