We had a nice treat!

Our girls were able to come home for the weekend!  Danielle and a friend came in on Thursday night.  They both had appointments Friday morning.  Lindsey, came in on the train Saturday afternoon.  She only had a short time at home but we enjoyed having them both at home.

The house sure is full when they are here!  Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we survived having the four of us in the house all those years!!!  Ha ha!  It seems that the house is getting smaller, or maybe we’re just all getting bigger!!!!

Tonight, the house sure is quiet!  Sometimes, that’s a good thing, but tonight I sure miss my girls!



I can’t believe how many days have passed since I’ve been here.  Where does the time go?

We have started back to school and we have 21 students this year!  Our main learning center is full!  Well, I guess we could squeeze a few more in but they would not be comfortable!  Our last 2 rooms could hold a few more students but this is what God has given us so I think it is just right!!

I got a raise at work!  That was nice!!!  I have also been given the 4 yr. old class for a couple of hours each day!  What a challenge!  Some days I think, wow!  I may just have this figured out.  The next day I go back to work and it is just a mess!  Well, I’ll keep working on it!   One neat thing I get to do at work is to tell a Bible story and sing Bible songs each day at the day care!!!  It is so great to hear those little kids sing Bible Songs during their play without me even starting them!!!

Well, God is ALWAYS GOOD!!!