Old Fashion Day

Today, at church was our old fashion day.  It is always a fun day.  It is fun to “dress up” and then to see what everyone else has found to wear for the day.  It is really great  to see people participating in the day.

We had a lady bring in several antiques and that always helps add to the day.

This year we had a beard growing contest.  I think that the men had about a month to grow out their beards.  The winner of the contest didn’t even take the whole month to grow his and as far as beards go (which I don’t care for) he had a nice one.  We had 3 judges and for some reason the pastor thought I should be one!!  It was not to hard to judge though, we asked my step dad what he thought he told us and we agreed!!  Tonight at church a couple of beards were already missing!! ha ha!!

We had an abundance of food and as always it was good!  Wow! There were a lot of desserts!  Some of them looked like they came right off the cover of a magazine!  They were pretty and quite tasty!!!

I enjoyed the day!  It sure is great living for the Lord!!!


Fall is here!

Well, Fall has been here officially by date for several days now, but the weather has finally decided to join the “season!”  Yeah!  I LOVE Fall weather, I just wish that we had all the colors of Fall!!  The leaves are falling everywhere and the wind is blowing them all around.  I still enjoy stepping on the crisp leaves and hearing them crunch under my feet!  Fall is one of my favorite times of the year!!!  Sweater weather is the GREATEST!!!! and it’s almost here!!!  I’m so looking forward to it!!!

Enjoy the day!