Today at work…

I received a gift.  It was a WOW gift for me.  I was surely not expecting a gift like this.  A girl that I work with always has nice purses.  Often times they are name brand.   They are purses that I would only ever be able to afford if I got lucky at a thrift store and then I might not even be able to afford them there.  Well, we talk about her purses quite often and she has been telling me that she wanted a new one.  One day we were talking about Coach Bag Key Chains and I told her about one that I thought was really cute…

Today, I looked in her room and noticed a new Coach Bag!!!!  I said, “Did you get a new bag?”  she laughed and said “yes!”

Well, before she left she held up a box and said, “I got you something.”  I said, “you did?”  I went and opened up the box and inside was the very key chain I had liked so much!!!  Wow!  I know it might not mean anything to anyone else but I was so happy and SO thankful!!!  I’m sure that is the only “Coach Bag” that I will ever have but it sure is a Cutie!!!!  Thanks a lot, Anya!


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