Happy Easter!

Well, I’ve almost missed the chance to say that but I thought I’d get it in before the day was done!

I’m just so thankful that Jesus CHOSE to do what He did.  And that He would have done it even if I had been the only one!  Thank you Lord for the Wonderful Death, Burial and RESURRECTION!!!!


She made it!

Last week was Danielle’s Spring Break!  She had been wanting to go to Ohio to visit her friends that had moved up there last year.  So, we decided that the most affordable way for her to go would be to ride the bus!  Oh my!  She left on Friday, March 14th and she was able to spend the week there.  Wow! I didn’t think she would ever get there!  It was a bit hard for this Momma!  This was her first trip all by herself!!!!  Of course she is 21 so it was ok!! ha ha!  Let’s just say that I didn’t sleep much that night!  Well, she made it and had a GREAT WEEK!  I was so happy that she got to go! And then, she had to come home!!!  Oh my!  Will it ever get easier???  Ok, I didn’t worry that much!!!  God took WONDERFUL care of her and she is now back at the dorm!

Thank you, God for your Blessings!