Spring Break!

is over!!!!!!!!! Well, it has been for days now.  I just have one question.  Where did it go?   I did enjoy the time away from school.  I think that I may have rested enough to make it through the rest of school!  We have 5 and a half weeks left of school!  Now, comes crunch time!! Ha Ha!  We have lots to do and not a lot of time to get it done!  But, as always I’m sure that it will get done!  We are suppose to have two graduating!  Yeah!

During Spring Break our school building got a face lift!  We had a missionary and a pastor come to the school and help some of our men put siding on the building.  It looks so good!  The church is hoping to sell the school property and build a new school building on the Church property.  We are really looking forward to that!  Well, some of us are!!!  Some of our previous students think that we should NEVER move the school because it just wont be the same!!! Well, they will just have to get use to the idea, because we are looking forward to the changes.  It’s funny how kids will go away and think that nothing should change at home yet they are away and everything is changing in their lives!  Change… it’s just part of life!

I’d sure like to thank the men that worked on our school building and the ladies that helped clean the buildings and fixed lunch for the men that were working!  We really appreciate it!


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