The best part of the school year…

is here!  We are in our last 5 weeks of school.  Yesterday, we had a track meet!  Today, the kids are SORE!!!  Many are sun burnt.  But, I think everyone enjoyed themselves!  I was able to go for awhile and I enjoyed what I got to see.  It is really fun to watch the kids participate in all of the events.  It is REALLY fun to see the different speeds that the children can run!  It is really great to see some of them even Surprise themselves!!!

During the last 2 months of school we have Fabulous Fridays!  We do fun things like have Bubble Gum Day, Sunglasses Day, Crazy Hat Day, Crazy Hair Day, best of all FLIP FLOP DAY!!!!!  Boy, do we like that day, we like it so much that I think this year we will have it twice!!!!

We will have two graduating this year and we are planning a day trip for their senior trip.  I told them that we could skip school one day and just go!  What fun!  All school year they have had a snack bar to raise money for their trip.  At the first of the year we only thought that we would have one senior.  She didn’t really want to go anywhere big so the only fund raiser was the snack bar at school.  Then we added the second senior and well, we didn’t really get a lot of money raised.  So, it’s a day trip and then they get to split the left over money!!!  I think that they like that part the best!

We have a few students racing to get one hundred PACE’s done.  They want the award for that which last year we got them a T-shirt that they can wear one day a week.  So, it is nice to see them working so hard to get that goal done!

Well, I guess that’s about it for today.  I think as I read others blogs, wow!  I wish I could write like that!  Maybe, if I practice I will get better.  Lots going on here lately just not sure how to put it down in words.

If you are reading this please pray for my in laws.  How they need strength, grace, comfort and peace!  Thank you in advance.


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