Today the Graduating Class of Fundamental Baptist Academy 2008 finished this part of their course!  The Graduation and Awards Ceremony was very nice today.

Several people were surprised with their awards.  I think only one student was sure of one of her awards.  That was the 100 PACE club.  She was only sure of that one because she knew how many PACE’s she did!  They seemed to be happy with the results!

Our seniors even had good speeches!

This was the last year for one of our teachers.  My Aunt Sue retired this year.  She and my Uncle Jesse started the school 19 years ago.  She has been faithful to be there each of those 19 years!  We will miss her!  She is a living example of the Proverbs 31 woman!  And I thank her for that Godly Example.  Thank you Aunt Sue for your faithfulness!  Thank you for teaching me to be Faithful!  I love you!  Now go and enjoy your retirement with Uncle Jesse!

It was a good day!


We survived!

Yes!  We survived the last day of school!  Actually, we have the Graduation and Awards Ceremony tomorrow but after that we are finished until September!!!

We had no problems with the dress attire on our Fish Out of Water Day!!!  That was a blessing!!!!

For the last few years the kids get together and put staples together to make a staple chain.  Why?  Who knows.  I think it started with boredom.  Now, I think it still has much to do with that but last year they measured it.  It was 77ft. long.  This year I think they were determined.  It was 178 ft. 5 inches long!!!  Yes, that’s a lot of staples and a lot of bored kids!!!  (Although, I hate the word bored when it comes to kids)  Ok, maybe they’re not bored maybe they have simply found something to fill the time with when the school work is finished!  That’s what I like, creativity!!! Ha ha!  This year they even talked about seeing if there is a World Record for Staple Chains…. who knows if there’s not maybe they can get one into the books!!!

Well, at least it seems to keep them out of trouble!

Last day of school…

here I come!!!!  Oh yeah!  Tomorrow, well, actually today is the last day of school!  Friday!  Yipee!  Sounds good!!!!  If I’m this excited about it I can just imagine how the students must feel!!!

This Friday is the last of our Fabulous Friday’s!!!  I think that this is the Favorite one by far!!!  We are having “Fish Out of Water Day”  which means that they can come to school without wearing their uniforms.  Yes, they still have to wear clothes!!! They just get to wear their everyday clothes!  Let’s see how they do in keeping with the school dress codes.  I’m hoping for the best and expecting it also!

Well, I hope that everyone has a GREAT Friday!!!!


is always great when you have it!  I’m sure that it is one of the many things that I take for granted each day.  Lately, it seems around our house when a storm comes our way the electricity runs for the hills!  Ok, that is stretching it a bit.  A few weeks ago we were without electricity for an entire night and part of the day.  It got to the point that we thought we would have to find another place for the food in the refrigerator.  Last night, I woke up and found that it was off again.  I didn’t look at the clock so I don’t know what time it went off.  It was off when my dh got home from work and it was still off when I woke up to go to school.  So, I was late!  It was on again by the time I got home!  I really don’t know what has been up with the electricity!  Several times I have come home to find the clocks blinking or the microwave needing to be reset because the electricity has been off.  Now, I am listening to the rain and thunder outside and wondering if this will become another night without electricity…

I guess I should not complain.  I know that there are parts of this world that do not even have electricity!  I also know that are parts of this world who may only have it for just a little while each day!  I know I should just think about these places and be thankful that I have it most all of the time!!!

Sorry to ramble…enough for now!


I had a very nice Mother’s Day today!!! The girls were home this year!!!

My Mother’s Day actually started last night with my gift. Yeah, sometimes my family likes to give gifts early and sometimes… I like to get gifts early!!! LOL!!!! Anyhow, I got a Red Kodak Digital Camera that fits into my purse!!!!! Yeah!!!!! We have an older digital camera that is still a good camera but it is BIG! So, I’m thankful for this small one! But, today as I was snapping pictures of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE I think they were thinking that they may have made a mistake!!! Ha ha! Now, I will just have to get busy and learn how to put pictures on this blog :o)

We had lunch today with my mother in law and brother in law and his family. We had Mexican Food!!!! My very favorite food!!!! Yummo!

Tonight, after church we went to Braums with my parents for dessert! Oh, Boy! I ate good today!

Now, I think I’ll spend the rest of the week trying not to eat soooo much!

I hope everyone else enjoyed their day as much as I enjoyed mine!

Saying goodbye…

for now.  I’ve been trying to think of a way to post about the loss our family experienced last Monday but I just had no idea how to do it.  I still don’t know.  As I write this I can’t believe a week has already passed.  Time does really keep on moving.

On Monday, May 5, 2008, H.L. ” Bud” Moon, went home to be with the Lord!   He was my husbands  step Dad,  but only  “step”  by name.  He is the one who has been Father to my husband!

He loved us and we KNEW that he loved us.  I’m so thankful for all the years God gave us to be part of his life.

These last few years have really been the sweetest.  He  had fallen  in love with the Lord and  really cherished  praying and learning more about His Saviour.  We are so  grateful that we know that he knew Jesus as his personal Saviour!!!  And that Heaven is now his HOME!!!!  And he was READY to go HOME!
I started telling him lately that if I didn’t see him here, or there I’d see him in the air.  The last time I told him that he squeezed my hand!  It was great!

So, now I know it will be in the air!!!  I will miss you Bud!  Thanks for always letting me know that I was your girl!!!!