is always great when you have it!  I’m sure that it is one of the many things that I take for granted each day.  Lately, it seems around our house when a storm comes our way the electricity runs for the hills!  Ok, that is stretching it a bit.  A few weeks ago we were without electricity for an entire night and part of the day.  It got to the point that we thought we would have to find another place for the food in the refrigerator.  Last night, I woke up and found that it was off again.  I didn’t look at the clock so I don’t know what time it went off.  It was off when my dh got home from work and it was still off when I woke up to go to school.  So, I was late!  It was on again by the time I got home!  I really don’t know what has been up with the electricity!  Several times I have come home to find the clocks blinking or the microwave needing to be reset because the electricity has been off.  Now, I am listening to the rain and thunder outside and wondering if this will become another night without electricity…

I guess I should not complain.  I know that there are parts of this world that do not even have electricity!  I also know that are parts of this world who may only have it for just a little while each day!  I know I should just think about these places and be thankful that I have it most all of the time!!!

Sorry to ramble…enough for now!

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