We survived!

Yes!  We survived the last day of school!  Actually, we have the Graduation and Awards Ceremony tomorrow but after that we are finished until September!!!

We had no problems with the dress attire on our Fish Out of Water Day!!!  That was a blessing!!!!

For the last few years the kids get together and put staples together to make a staple chain.  Why?  Who knows.  I think it started with boredom.  Now, I think it still has much to do with that but last year they measured it.  It was 77ft. long.  This year I think they were determined.  It was 178 ft. 5 inches long!!!  Yes, that’s a lot of staples and a lot of bored kids!!!  (Although, I hate the word bored when it comes to kids)  Ok, maybe they’re not bored maybe they have simply found something to fill the time with when the school work is finished!  That’s what I like, creativity!!! Ha ha!  This year they even talked about seeing if there is a World Record for Staple Chains…. who knows if there’s not maybe they can get one into the books!!!

Well, at least it seems to keep them out of trouble!


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