A week in Texas…

you just have to love this place!!!

The weather is so GREAT here!!! LOL!!!

Monday, we were waiting for the bad weather to come in!

Tuesday, they were expecting it to start coming in so we decided to call off school because most of our students live out of town so there was no need for them to come to town just to have their parents need to turn around and pick them up early!  The Daycare even Closed Early!

Wednesday, The ICE was here and Everything was shut down!!!  Ok, not everything, LOL.  This is after all, TEXAS so the Ice QUICKLY melted!

Thursday, today, it was a BEAUTIFUL Sunshiny Day!  I was even able to be outside without a jacket!

Friday, tomorrow, is suppose to be JUST as DANDY!!!!

What a week!

Thank God I was BORN a TEXAN girl!


They are HOME!

After a week in the Hospital Aunt Sue and Uncle Jesse are now home!!!  Yeah!  It was so good to see them at home and so much more comfortable!

Please, Don’t stop praying!!!  God is a Miracle Working God and we are praying for a MIRACLE!

Remember that EACH day is a GIFT!

Solid Food!

Wow!  Today Uncle Jesse got to eat Solid Food and he said that it was GOOD!  He had the surgery yesterday and he is now looking so much better.  I’m sure hoping that he will regain his strength and some weight.

He has decided to start Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatments so they will begin to prepare him for that tomorrow.  We are hopeful that he will get to go home real soon!  It will be so nice to see him at home and not in the hospital!

It sure has been good to see him smiling these past two days!  I never want to take that smile for Granted!

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A time of fellowship

with my Uncle in the hospital! Yesterday, Danielle and Sarah came home to be able to visit with Uncle Jesse but were not able to because he had gotten sick and just needed to rest.

So, today, after church we went up to visit with him. He looked really good and was in good spirits. Our cousin and her husband were there. He had his guitar with him so they had just been singing and fellowshipping! It was so good to see Uncle Jesse with his Bible out and Singing songs straight from it! God sure is Good to give us times like these!

Tomorrow, he will have a procedure that hopefully will be a help to him! Please continue to pray for him and his entire family!

Thanks in Advance!


was the vote today at church.  What were we voting for?  Our next pastor!  It was an exciting day at Fundamental Baptist Church!

It was exciting for our current Pastor!  He recommended this man to the church.  He was excited that we followed him.  I believe that he loves our church and sought God for this so I was happy to follow him!

It was exciting for Bro. Paul Calaway and his family!  They have been faithful to serve the Lord and to see what He would have for them!

It was Exciting for our church!  We were in total agreement and that is GREAT news!  It’s going to be exciting to see what God is going to do there!

We will miss Bro. and Mrs. Smith!  A LOT!  I am excited also for them to see how God will continue to use them!

Tonight at church we even had 4 visitors!!!  It was a GOOD day!

In the hospitall

My Uncle Jesse is back in the hospital!  He has been there since Wednesday and will be there until sometime next week.

They will be doing some procedures to help him on Monday so it will be sometime after that until he comes home.

He looked much better last night and his room is BIG enough for all the company that wants to stop by!

So, please continue to pray!  He knows that there are people Everywhere praying for him!

Thanks in Advance!

What a way…

to spend a weekend!  You know it’s really nice to be able to take time and just relax!  That’s what this weekend has been for me!! Our biggest plan this weekend was to buy some supplies for the school!  And eat Ice Cream as often as I could!  LOL!

Well, we got the supplies that we knew the school needed and we had 2 trips to Braums!  Yummo!

We also had a nice day at church!  God is Good All the Time!

So, that’s my idea of a nice way to spend a weekend…