Please pray

for my Uncle, Jesse Garner.  He is married to my mothers sister and he is my Dearest Uncle!!!  Ok, so he is the only uncle that I actually know, but He Would be my favorite no matter how many I knew!

He was just recently diagnosed with Stomach Cancer and with Arteries that are blocked on his neck.  They have started running more tests and now they think that the cancer is already in his liver.

I can not even imagine these things happening to him.  In my eyes he is the one who is always strong, always working and always loving me NO MATTER what!!!  When I was little I called him Daddy and my aunt, Aunt Sue!!  Thats how I feel about him!  He has always been and is a Constant in my life!  I love him!

He is a GREAT man of God, and he is one the pictures in my life of what a faithful Christian should be!

So, please pray for him!  Pray for a Miracle, Pray for Strength, Pray for Wisdom, please just pray!!!

I heard last night at church, we aren’t suppose to just Pray until we are through.  We are suppose to pray until we are Answered!!!!

Please pray for Jesse and Sue Garner until we are Answered!!!!

Thank you in Advance!


One Response to “Please pray”

  1. Shelly Says:

    I understand exactly what you mean! He has always been a “big” man in my mind. It’s hard for me to accept something like this concerning him. He is my idea of the true man of God.

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