Solid Food!

Wow!  Today Uncle Jesse got to eat Solid Food and he said that it was GOOD!  He had the surgery yesterday and he is now looking so much better.  I’m sure hoping that he will regain his strength and some weight.

He has decided to start Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatments so they will begin to prepare him for that tomorrow.  We are hopeful that he will get to go home real soon!  It will be so nice to see him at home and not in the hospital!

It sure has been good to see him smiling these past two days!  I never want to take that smile for Granted!

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One Response to “Solid Food!”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Tonja please say “hi” to Bro. Jesse. Tell him that George and I are praying for him. I also e-mailed the ladies at Victory Baptist Church in Wichita Falls to pray for him. Give our love and warmest regards to him. Though we’re miles away but he’s always in our thoughts, he and Ms. Sue.

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