A week in Texas…

you just have to love this place!!!

The weather is so GREAT here!!! LOL!!!

Monday, we were waiting for the bad weather to come in!

Tuesday, they were expecting it to start coming in so we decided to call off school because most of our students live out of town so there was no need for them to come to town just to have their parents need to turn around and pick them up early!  The Daycare even Closed Early!

Wednesday, The ICE was here and Everything was shut down!!!  Ok, not everything, LOL.  This is after all, TEXAS so the Ice QUICKLY melted!

Thursday, today, it was a BEAUTIFUL Sunshiny Day!  I was even able to be outside without a jacket!

Friday, tomorrow, is suppose to be JUST as DANDY!!!!

What a week!

Thank God I was BORN a TEXAN girl!


One Response to “A week in Texas…”

  1. Shelly Says:

    What a place to live! Love it all!

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