Hero of the FAITH

This week I lost one of the GREATEST men in my life! I have wanted to come here and tell you about it but I just didn’t know how to say goodbye! So, I’ve decided not to. I was reminded yesterday that it’s not goodbye! It’s just so long for now!

This week, my Uncle, Jesse Garner went home to be with the Lord! Oh, how I didn’t want him to, but Oh HOW GLAD I AM THAT I KNOW WHERE HE IS!!! HOME with the LORD!

He was my Uncle, my Pastor, my Teacher, my Counselor and my FRIEND!

When I was a little girl and on until I was grown I thought that this man would ALWAYS remain the same! You know what I mean? His hair was ALWAYS the same he was always so strong! He even wore the same Clothes all my Life!!! I’m serious about that!!!

When did I notice the changes??? I can tell you that the changes snuck up on me when I wasn’t looking. When did his hair turn gray or when did it begin to thin? When did his strength begin to fail? I don’t know but even through it all he was still that GREAT Man!! His stand on the Word of God NEVER Changed!

I know that he was not Perfect but he DID live what he preached!!!! ALWAYS!!! He taught me to be faithful and to Love and Depend on the Lord!!!

I’m going to miss him like nobody’s business but because of who we love and whose we are we will be together again!!!

They played a song at the Funeral and it suits his life just fine. The song was “Heroes of the Faith” and it was the PERFECT choice to play as they played it. Here’s a part of the song that has been stuck in my head this week…

…Now it’s time to lay your armor down and pass the torch. But you are a Hero of my Faith a Strong Soldier of the Cross!

I asked my husband who will Pick up that Torch?

Until we meet again, I love you Uncle Jesse!!!


Just stoppin’ by

to wish you all a happy week!
I can’t believe that it’s Monday again but it is so here we go again!

Enjoy the week and remember to look for the little things that God uses to say I Love You!