SPRING BREAK IS HERE FOR FUNDAMENTAL BAPTIST ACADEMY!!!!  Boy, do we look forward to this time EACH YEAR!!!!

Its hard to believe that another school year is almost over!  Where does the time go??

Boy, I love this time of year!!  It is so WONDERFUL to see all the flowers and trees blooming!!!  I LOVE to see the Blue Bonnets all along the sides of the roads!!! What a GREAT state flower!!!

This time of year is such a WONDERFUL GIFT FROM GOD!


A Lazy Day!

That is exactly what I would call today!!  LAZY!!!!  But, boy have I enjoyed it!!!  Lindsey had plans today so it was just the two of us!  Nice!  We went and ate Mexican Food!!!  Can I just tell you that Mexican food is my FAVORITE!!  We then went to a computer store a thrift store and then home!!!  We each took a NAP!!  YEAH!  We woke up and went to Braums for Ice Cream, Have I said that I LOVE ice cream?  We then made our weekly trip to Walmart.

Lazy day but NICE!


Usually, I like Monday.  I mean I get to sleep in because there is no school for us on Monday.  I go to my mother in laws on Monday evenings!!!  Those two things are what I like BEST about Monday!

It’s the time between those two events that gets me!!! and today, it was especially hectic!  Oh, I forgot to say what it was…it was… WORK!!!  You know, that dirty little 4 letter word!!!! The kids were not that bad today.  Just not enough workers today and it seemed like we had an abundance of kids today!!  Oh, well, this too shall pass…

Tomorrow, is another day.  A gift yet to be opened!

Until next time….

The RING!!!!

new-the-ringHere is  a picture of Danielle’s Ring!!!  Wow!!  He did a good job picking it out!!!  Suits her just right and she LOVES it!!!

Lindsey took this picture and I love the way she did the rose and the ring!  Good Job, Bee!

She is HOME!!!

Danielle has been in Michigan for the last few days and today we picked her up at the Airport!!!  It was SO good to see her and to hear the details of the “Engagement”  Woo Hoo!!!  It is so great to see God working in her life!  And seeing Him give her the Desires of her heart!!!before-the-questionThis is a picture of Danielle and Jeff before he asked her to MARRY HIM!! It is still strange to say that!!  After all, how did she get to be this age!!  Wasn’t she just a little girl?  Well, I guess not.  But somedays it really seems like that!  Time does fly!!!

Just in case you couldn’t tell….I’m one happy Momma!!  God sure is GOOD!

My daughter is….

getting MARRIED!!!!!!  Wow!  I’m very excited for her!!!  Yeah!  I am going to have a Son!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!

I’ve been praying for a very long time for just this time!!  It is so exciting to see it happening the way I think God would be pleased with!

Now, the fun part:)  Planning the wedding!  She has been dreaming about this for some time now and I know that God will work it all out for her and BLESS her with the wedding of her DREAMS!

I’m still praying for Gods BEST for both Danielle and Jeff!  I think that they’ve found it in each other but I know that Satan would love to destroy this!  So, like I told them both!  Keep it Pure and LOVE God MOST so you can love each other BEST!Danielle and Jeff back at Christmas

~~Jeff and Danielle at Christmas~~

Can’t wait to see what God has in store for these two!

Have you ever…

overslept???  Well, I did it today!  Yep!  Last night as I was going to bed I thought to myself, self, check your alarm, I said, no it is always set!!!!  Oh aren’t those the famous last words!!! LOL!!!

This morning my sister in law, Shelly, calls and I looked at the clock!!!! OMW, it was 8:54!!!!  She said are you ok???  I told her my alarm DIDN’T go off!!!!!  Little did I know that it was set for 10:30am.

So, I missed school this morning!  I’m sure glad that she called!!! Or I would have missed Work too!!!!

Thanks, Shelly!!!! Hope you can forgive me for missing School!!!