Ed snapped this as we were waiting to "pose!

Ed snapped this as we were waiting to "pose!" I rather like it!

is what we had to say to our Pastor of 30 years! Last Saturday was our Farewell Party to our Pastor and his wife!! Wow! I was in 5th grade when they came to our church…. My how the time flies! Of course I was not at the church the whole time….but we did make it back! So, he has been my Pastor for the last 5 years!! Wow! Those years also passed quickly by!

I will surely miss them both! They have taught me much just by being themselves! Always faithful! They both LIVE what they Teach! I like that! I’ve always known that they love my family and are always praying for us!

I hope that they know how much we love them and how much they will be missed by us!

I found out tonight that they will be back for the Church’s 63rd Anniversary in just a couple of weeks!

It will be good to see them as often as they can get back!!!

Thanks Bro. and Mrs. Smith for your faithfulness to our Lord and to Fundamental Baptist Church!


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