While I was gone….

visiting Danielle for the weekend my husband was busy at home.

I was so AMAZED to come home and find out that he had done ALL of the laundry!!!  He washed, dryed and put it AWAY!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!

He also did ALL of the Dishes!!!!!  WOW!!!!

AND He mowed the yard and Cleaned that all up!!!

WOW!!!  EVERYTHING looked GREAT!!!!!  I have one GREAT man!!!!  Thank you God for your GOODNESS!!!!!!!


North vs. South…

School of the Prophets was so much fun!!  Could be because the SOUTH WON!!!! AGAIN!!!  Yeah!!!

This was Danielle’s last North vs. South!  I can’t believe it!  Where does the time go???

This year the North and South joined together to do their music program it was really nice.  Danielle played many of the songs.  Her and Tanya made it seem effortless changing players during the songs!! Way to go girls!

All of the Preacher boys did a GREAT job preaching the Gospel!!!  Way to Go guys for preaching the TRUTH!

Way to go SOUTH!!!

A nice drive…

I just love to go on drives!  I don’t think that my husband likes them too much but I do!!!  Today, we went on one because I was driving!!!  LOL!

Today, I saw SO MANY Bluebonnets!!!!  It was absolutely wonderful!  Everything was so GREEN!!!  The country is so Beautiful and so Peaceful!!!  I wonder why I don’t live in the country!!!  Oh yeah, I know!  I like to be able to get to a store in just a few minutes!!!  Well, maybe, one day God will move me to a Nice Old House in the Country with a Great Big Wrap Around Porch with a Rocker and Porch Swing!

I think we need to take more of these drives….but next time I should just be a passenger so I can take it all in!!

Until next time…

A Stolen Van!

Yesterday, we got the news that our church van was stolen from the church!  Wow!  In daylight!!!  People are CRAZY!!!  Ed said he drove by the church around 3:00pm and it was there!  So, sometime after that it was taken.

The people took out the seats of the van and dumped them behind the gym!  There was also a 4 wheeler taken from a house nearby!  They think that they may have used the van to take the 4 wheeler!  Oh my!

Today, someone called the church to ask if we were missing our van!!!  They had found the van running and abandoned in Dallas!!  God sure is good!  We don’t know much about the condition of the van.  It is in Impound so our Pastor is hoping to go see it or whatever can be done for it on Monday!

We sure know that Satan has been attacking us!!!  He must be worried about what is about to happen at Fundamental Baptist Church!!!

Happy Easter!

Just wanted to wish everone a Happy Easter!!!!

I’m so GLAD that the Tomb is EMPTY!  I’m so GLAD that Salvation is FREE and I’m so GLAD that Jesus Christ is Coming BACK for ME!

Hope that EVERYONE had a GREAT day and that you know the Savior who came to SEEK and to SAVE that which was LOST!  He is COMING BACK I hope that you are READY!

Have a GREAT week!

A Great Weekend!

This past weekend we went down South to meet Danielle’s future in laws!!!  WOW!!!  It was such FUN to meet them!  The Kammeraad’s, all of them were so very sweet!!  We are so blessed that they will be Danielle’s Family!  God sure is good to us!

While we were down at the Coast we took the time to go and visit Galveston!  Wow!!!  I guess that it has come a long way since the Hurricane but there is still much work to be done there!  But as always we enjoyed just being there!

It was a great weekend!!  Time to make new friends and time to be alone and just be together!  GREAT FUN!!!