A Stolen Van!

Yesterday, we got the news that our church van was stolen from the church!  Wow!  In daylight!!!  People are CRAZY!!!  Ed said he drove by the church around 3:00pm and it was there!  So, sometime after that it was taken.

The people took out the seats of the van and dumped them behind the gym!  There was also a 4 wheeler taken from a house nearby!  They think that they may have used the van to take the 4 wheeler!  Oh my!

Today, someone called the church to ask if we were missing our van!!!  They had found the van running and abandoned in Dallas!!  God sure is good!  We don’t know much about the condition of the van.  It is in Impound so our Pastor is hoping to go see it or whatever can be done for it on Monday!

We sure know that Satan has been attacking us!!!  He must be worried about what is about to happen at Fundamental Baptist Church!!!


3 Responses to “A Stolen Van!”

  1. Shelly Says:

    hmmmmm……..that’s what I’ve been thinking. Great things must be around the bend for Fundamental Baptist!

  2. kendra Says:

    they get it back???

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