I just realized

that I never stopped by to tell about my Mothers Day.  It really began on Saturday.  We had a nice Mother and Daughter Banquet with the theme of Handful of Weeds.  Danielle and Lindsey sang the song, Handful of Weeds, for the Banquet!!!   I always Love to hear them sing this song!!!  God sure has blessed me with these girls!

When I got home from shopping for our Moms Ed got home and gave me a beautiful Comforter Set  it is so comfy cozy!!!  And it even matches my sheets!! Now to get the walls painted….

The next day, Mother’s Day, Lindsey came to church and brought me  gifts and card from her and Danielle.  I got a shirt, that I’ve been looking at for quite sometime!!! and a Zebra phone cover from them!

We had a GREAT Church Service!!! Bro. Paul preached a GREAT sermon!!!!

Then Ed took us and his Mom out to Rosa’s Cafe for lunch!!!  YUMMO!!!!

What a lovely day!!!  I got to be with both of my MOMS!!! YEAH!  and I’m sure glad that I’m a MOM!!!

Thank you Lord for your BLESSINGS on Me!


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