We Got The Dress…

Well, Danielle got to come home for a few days before she goes out for the summer and we went shopping for her Wedding Dress!!!

On Monday, we went and she found one that she really liked but I didn’t bring the money with me so we put it on hold and she went home and changed her mind!  LOL!!!  But, then she thought that maybe it WAS the dress for her!  If all else had failed she was praying that it would be there if we had to go back to that store!

So, on Thursday we went back out and she tried on several more dresses drove several more miles because I kept driving in circles!!  Well, that is for another post…lol!!! not really!!! But I do have driving issues… can I say I need a GPS!!!!

Well, we had about 30 minutes or less at the last store we went to and she FOUND it!!!!  I asked her, are you sure you’re going to love this dress in August, September, October, NOVEMBER!!!!  She assures me that she will so that is THE dress we bought!!  It was also a GREAT price!!!!

She also found the SHOES!!! LOL!!!!  She may love those MOST of all!!!  🙂

So, now on to all the other needs of a wedding…


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