that’s what the doctor says I have!  Oh my!  I have never had this before and I hope I never have it again!!!

I use to think strep was just a sore throat!  Now, I know better!  Wednesday morning I just had a tiny sore throat.  By the time I got to work I was achy all over!  Wow!  By the time I got home from church I was running fever and it just got worse from there!!!  UGH!

Well, yesterday, my mother in law called and offered to take me to the doctor because she didn’t want to lose me, I LOVE HER!!!, so I said yes!!  Danielle, had also wanted me to go but I just felt too bad to go by myself.  Thanks, Barb for taking me and for going to get the medicine!!!

Today, I felt better and worse if that makes any sense.  Tomorrow, I hope I’m back to feeling normal!!  Thanks for all the prayers!


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