How can it be July already?? Not only July, but the 10th day of JULY!!!  Wow!

I know it has been a long time since I’ve checked in but it seems like I’ve had writers block!!  Or I just don’t have a lot going on!  I don’t know which one, oh wait, maybe I’m just be lazy!!!

IT IS FRIDAY!!!!  and I’ve been waiting ALL week long to be able to say that!!  The days at work seem to last forever but the nights at home just seem to fly by!!!  Any ideas on how to switch that around?  I didn’t think so!!  Ha Ha!

I’m trusting that you all will be have a GREAT weekend, and I’ll do the same!  🙂

I will try and get back here more often and let you all know whats going on here in my neck of the woods!!!  I know that you are just holding your breath and waiting until you hear the next happenings…


Memorial Day

I know this is the day after Memorial Day but I had to stop by and say Thanks!

Thank you to all of the Soldiers that have given their lives for our Freedom!

Thank you to the Soldiers that are still serving our Country and still risking their lives so that I can go to sleep later in a Free Country!

Thank you also to the Men and Women of God who have given their lives so that others across the world can hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!

Thank You!!  My prayer is that I never take these Freedoms for granted!

A Stolen Van!

Yesterday, we got the news that our church van was stolen from the church!  Wow!  In daylight!!!  People are CRAZY!!!  Ed said he drove by the church around 3:00pm and it was there!  So, sometime after that it was taken.

The people took out the seats of the van and dumped them behind the gym!  There was also a 4 wheeler taken from a house nearby!  They think that they may have used the van to take the 4 wheeler!  Oh my!

Today, someone called the church to ask if we were missing our van!!!  They had found the van running and abandoned in Dallas!!  God sure is good!  We don’t know much about the condition of the van.  It is in Impound so our Pastor is hoping to go see it or whatever can be done for it on Monday!

We sure know that Satan has been attacking us!!!  He must be worried about what is about to happen at Fundamental Baptist Church!!!

A Great Weekend!

This past weekend we went down South to meet Danielle’s future in laws!!!  WOW!!!  It was such FUN to meet them!  The Kammeraad’s, all of them were so very sweet!!  We are so blessed that they will be Danielle’s Family!  God sure is good to us!

While we were down at the Coast we took the time to go and visit Galveston!  Wow!!!  I guess that it has come a long way since the Hurricane but there is still much work to be done there!  But as always we enjoyed just being there!

It was a great weekend!!  Time to make new friends and time to be alone and just be together!  GREAT FUN!!!


SPRING BREAK IS HERE FOR FUNDAMENTAL BAPTIST ACADEMY!!!!  Boy, do we look forward to this time EACH YEAR!!!!

Its hard to believe that another school year is almost over!  Where does the time go??

Boy, I love this time of year!!  It is so WONDERFUL to see all the flowers and trees blooming!!!  I LOVE to see the Blue Bonnets all along the sides of the roads!!! What a GREAT state flower!!!

This time of year is such a WONDERFUL GIFT FROM GOD!


Usually, I like Monday.  I mean I get to sleep in because there is no school for us on Monday.  I go to my mother in laws on Monday evenings!!!  Those two things are what I like BEST about Monday!

It’s the time between those two events that gets me!!! and today, it was especially hectic!  Oh, I forgot to say what it was…it was… WORK!!!  You know, that dirty little 4 letter word!!!! The kids were not that bad today.  Just not enough workers today and it seemed like we had an abundance of kids today!!  Oh, well, this too shall pass…

Tomorrow, is another day.  A gift yet to be opened!

Until next time….

The Crazy Weather

Two Days ago I was wearing Flip Flops and was HOT!!

Today, I’m wearing long socks and long sleeves and am COLD!

TEXAS is GREAT like that!